We'll Never Be The Same

by Midnight In America

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released January 3, 2011



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Midnight In America Perpignan, France

MIDNIGHT IN AMERICA is a five piece melodic hardcore band hailing from Perpignan, France.
After releasing in the early 2011, a first DEP (WE’LL NEVER BE THE SAME), the band will release in 2013 its second effort THE HOMECOMING, and is impatient to perform it on stage. ... more

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Track Name: Maybe The Best Is Yet To Come
As usually, I can’t find the sleep tonight.
I take a walk to the city, the streets are so quiet, and the landscape in front of my eyes looks like a simple picture.
The city lights above me are settling me, and for a short moment, I feel good again.
From days, I’m just the shadow of myself, running after memories of a time where all was fine.
Trying to give back some moments, some people I lost by my own fault.
I know that life is cruel, I know that fate have a huge advantage on us, and I fucking know I have to fight.
I have to fight to make a difference.
But when the battle is lost in advance, what’s the point to give your best?
What's the point to forget the rest?
Of course, I can relativize, taking one thing at the time.
And trying to move forward, trying to reach the next steps of my life.
And accepting that my choices aren’t finally the only to count.
Accepting that we’re not alone with our demons.
But it’s tough, and forgetting seems to be the hardest thing to do.
Am I weak?
Or am I just lost?
I just need to realize I have in me the faith to believe in myself.
Track Name: In Motion
I gave all I had, made my very best to be straight, and the only things it remains me now are just some memories.
Everything I’ve done wasn’t enough, but I finally understood I was wrong.
Since the beginning, I picked the wrong way.
Since the beginning, I chose the wrong pick.
I know I know, I’m not this kind of guy, looking backwards and looking for some kind of answers, I know this kind of shit is here to prevent us to live our fucking lives.
I know I know, I’m supposed to be strong, but when your tries are just followed by the word failed, it’s tough and you’re finally wondered the next hardships won’t be too strong.
But we’re not finally full in charge of our own life.
Could you believe in this?
I don’t want to know what life deserves to me, that’s not a point I’m finally trying to reach.
I don’t want to know if I’ll find what I’m looking for, I want to know anything about all this.
It’s a kind of an upheaval when you realize that you’ll never be totally the master of your destiny.
But don't forget that you already can force it doing your best shot.
I don’t want to know what life deserve to me, that’s not a point I’m finally trying to reach.
I want to feel it, I want to live it.
I don’t want to know if I’ll find what I’m looking for, I want to know anything about all this.
I want to touch it, I want to know how far I can go.
So the great moments of my life won’t necessarily be the things I do.
They’ll also be the things that happen to me.
I’m not saying I can’t take action to affect the outcome of my life.
I have to take action, and I will, but I will keep in mind that, on any day, I could step out the front door and my whole life can change forever.
In fact, the universe has a plan for every single person, and that plan is always in motion.
A butterfly flaps its wings… and it starts to rain.
It’s a scary thought I know, but it’s also kind of wonderful.
All these little parts of the machine constantly working, making sure that I end up exactly where I’m supposed to be, exactly when I’m supposed to be there.
The right place… at the right time.
The world is our playground, preserve it, enjoy it, and own it, but keep in mind that your fate will draw your future.
Track Name: We'll Never Be The Same
We were young, we just didn’t know how the life goes on.
We were hopeful, naives, we just thought the best things on earth will be our gifts, whatever we could do.
Without making an effort, you and I, we were promised to a rising future, but all this crap was only and sadly in our heads.
We grew up, and maybe this is a bit late, but I can see clearly for the very first time.
All these nights, all these days, all of this is behind us now, and there is no way to give them back, and thanks god for that.
Some people say that you have to lose something to understand the meaning of life, to decrypt what’s profoundly hidden into your heart.
Were we in need for this to put off the blinkers we had on our eyes?
Were we in need for this to unlock our hearts and feel like anyone else?
I guess we were…
We were just lost, and we pathetically failed.
We’ll have now to leave those miserable times behind us, to stay focused on what we are good for, on what I am good for.
Writing a brand new chapter of my life without you by my side.
I’m sure it won't be easy, but you don’t deserve the excuses I’m looking for you for ages.
We’ll never be the same, I mean, I’ll never be the same, I’ll never be sure you were hurt as strong as I was.
But you know what?
I don’t care, looking backwards I’m not sure this part of my life was a good one, but I’m sure the next will be amazing.
I just have to follow my envies, my dreams.
Guess what darling, that’s not a love song, that’s not a fucking love song and I’m sure you know the reasons.
All this was not for me, I always kept my arms wide open to you
This shit was not for me, I took a while to understand I just needed the opposite than I had.
I’m better now than I ever be, so I guess I have to thank you.
Of course, I miss you.
Of course, I hate you.
You stole my youth, you killed my innocence, oh darling, I’ll never get back these fucking years.
Living with you by my side took a huge part of who I was.
But don’t worry, I always knew all this will end like this.